Saturday, 27 July 2013

OPI GelColour Workshop

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, I've been sooo sick since Wednesday night... Awful!!
Anyway... Onto something far more interesting:
On Wednesday I went on a training course at my local Capital Hair & Beauty for OPI GelColour and absolutely loved it!! After much debating I have invested in the 'Rolls Royce' of LED lamps and starter kit and I am all ready to roll!! :D I am so excited (if not a little nervous) to get started!!!
I went with OPI as opposed to the other brands for a number of reasons:
a) there aren't a lot of places locally that offer OPI
b) I love the OPI polishes and always have.
c) I like that the removal process has no need for any buffing whatsoever, it literally leaves no damage to your nail and pops right off!! 
d) it's very quick to apply and has a gorgeous finish.
I am going to invest in some nail art supplies such as glitter and studs etc to extend my small selection of polishes for now and practice with!! 
I'm going to be starting with a very small client base, mainly just friends and family and hoping to expand my business by word of mouth... Eventually I am hoping to offer more services, such a brow definition and maybe tanning, with the final goal of training in makeup artistry.
If anyone has any tips or suggestions, I am totally open to any and all help!! 
I'm going to start with an introductory offer to my first 10 clients of a gel manicure (colour or French) for £7.50 with £2.50 off their next appointment if they book again. The full price service will be £15 for gel manicure and £18 for a gel pedicure. I will be doing a refer a friend scheme that will offer £2.50 off their next treatment. Below is the colours I have available at present, I know it's a small selection, but we all have to start somewhere and at £20 a bottle of polish I will only be able to afford 1 a month... At most for now!! 

Thanks for looking guys... I've got a product review in the pipeline, so stay tuned :) 

Nat xxx

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